An inflatable performance stage for Oerol Festival

Plastique Fantastique has presented "Loud Shadow", a monumental yet soft and transparent design.

#Special Projects

img.0 All images © Marco Canevacci, Maria Turik, Jelte Kuer.

The Oerol Festival is a cultural celebration that takes place on the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands. Every June, the island is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for live performances, music, and visual arts. Oerol means ‘everywhere’ in the sense of covering an entire land, hence using the entire island as a platform for exhibitions and shows.
img.1 All images © Marco Canevacci, Maria Turik, Jelte Kuer.

During this year’s Oerol Festival, ‘Loud Shadows’ has been presented as a joint project done by Kate Moore, The Soltz, Leineroebana and Plastique Fantastique. It is a collage made by artists coming from distinct backgrounds: dance, music, and architecture. Plastique Fantastique has presented a monumental design, yet mobile, soft, and transparent. Its skin influences the environment as much as its inner space offers a clear view outwards. Its purpose is to create an intimate place where dance and music is merged, and the perception of time is challenged.
img.2 The premise of the festival is to use the entire island as a stage.
img.3 ‘Loud Shadows’ uses the Dutch landscape as the performance stage for music and dance acts.
img.4 Street theater acts, art, and musical performances are free during the festival.
img.5 The skin has a dramatic impact on the inner spaces and views towards the Dutch landscape.
img.6 It's a multidisciplinary project that joins music, dance, and architecture into a dialogue with the surrounding landscape.
img.7 The exclusiveness of nature and culture are the main focus points of the festival.
img.8 Monumental, yet mobile, soft, and transparent stage to bridge emerging artists and large audiences.
img.9 Floor plan.


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