Andres Gallardo captures the geometrical facade of the 'Silo Building'

Spanish photographer Andres Gallardo Albajar, presents his latest photo series of the Silo Building designed by COBE Architects.

Copenaghen, DK

#Special Projects

img.0 All images © Andres Gallardo Albajar.

Completed in May 2017, the 17 story building transforms an old grain silo into one of the main references and examples of the urban development in Copenhagen.
img.1 The new and improved building creates space for unique apartments.

Gallardo Albajar met with the team from COBE and the building’s developers to get an inside look at the site. In a four hour session, the photographer captures the silo under different lighting and weather conditions. The images reveal the unique angles of the building’s façade and emphasize the materiality and geometry of its various spaces.
img.2 The 17-story building contains 38 apartments.
img.3 The steel façade changes throughout the day as it reacts to light.
img.4 The new skin updates the existing structure to serve as an urban focal point.
img.5 An angular faceted facade made of raw galvanized steel now acts as a climate screen.
img.6 The different angles create unique spatial conditions at each level.
img.7 the residences provide terraces with beautiful views.
img.8 Both the top and lower levels are accessible to the public.
img.9 A new skin was wrapped around the existing structure to update the silo to current standards.
img.10 The building’s location on the waterfront gives residents stunning views of the water.


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