Kitchen plan incorporation at 360 Central Park West

A beautiful medley of wood, metals and sparkling glass creating a feeling of warmth, richness and sophistication.

New York, USA

#Special Projects

The development and design team of 360 Central Park West, the Rosario Candela designed condo on the Upper West Side, has incorporated a truly unique and beautiful copper hood in its open kitchen plan. 

img.0360 Central Park West

img.1360 Central Park West - Kitchen

Custom-designed by CetraRuddy, Nancy Ruddy was inspired by the form of the great hearths one sees in French manor houses and the great American country homes of New England and Newport, typically referred to by their owners as "cottages."

img.2360 Central Park West - Living room

img.3360 Central Park West - Bathroom

Nancy fell in love with the warmth and patina that only copper provides, and when she saw the copper counters in the butler's pantry at The Mount, the country home of great American writer, Edith Wharton, in the Berkshires, she was inspired to bring that same warm elegance to 360 Central Park West.

img.4360 Central Park West - Kitchen

img.5360 Central Park West - Living

She developed this design to provide a warmth and richness to the handmade honey stained wood kitchens (also custom designed by CetraRuddy) and to create a focal point to the kitchens.

img.6360 Central Park West - Kitchen

img.7360 Central Park West - Lobby

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the hearth, or hood in this instance, provides a symbol of welcome. The hood really demonstrates this concept, as the kitchens are a beautiful medley of wood, metals and sparkling glass, that create a feeling of warmth, richness and sophistication. The stainless steel appliances and details, and the two metals in one space, adds depth and architectural interest.

img.8360 Central Park West - Bedroom

img.9360 Central Park West - Exterior