Shaping beauty means to create with passion.
We look for unique shapes, spaces inspired by harmony, by the attention to details, by the quality of the artisan shaping. Beauty excites, brightens, encourages. This is why the beauty culture needs to be shared. To generate new possibilities, new horizons, a new way to be, and to live.


Shaping Beauty is a Wunderkammer of beauty.
A room of marvels collecting ideas, objects, realisations with one common feature: Beauty. Beauty which is also talent, creativity, uniqueness. We want to collect objects, like shells on the sand, able to excite. Ideas able to open our minds to new ways. Ideas that express the talent, the knowledge, and the quality of Made in Italy, of craftsmanship and of genuine know-how.


What holds us together is passion.
Professionals, architects, artisans, designers, journalists, new media experts, artists, engineers, graphic designers, poets, students… We love beauty, in all its expressions. Whatever the profession we practice, we look for beauty in every single thing we meet and we share it so it can be an inspiration for everybody. To create, to imagine, to realise.


What are we looking for? Design, trends, objects, spaces, installations, exhibit design, interiors, showrooms, hospitality, shops, offices, outlets, wellness, private homes, museums, galleries, artworks, artisanal quality objects. To show the best of design, the best of creativity. We believe in the cross pollination of genres, among fields, among functions.


We give a voice to protagonists, we want them to tell the story inside each single project, to show the less visible but fundamental aspect of the process. Interviews, drawings, tales, stories, and details that create a lively way to shape beauty. With original, unusual and cross-genre points of view. Your points of view. A section dedicated to you, to share your idea of beauty.

Design Head. Heart. Hand. Good design starts from head, is created with heart and realised with hands. Good design joins the intelligence of doing with the simplicity of a useful and nice idea. Good design is not tied to fashion. Style may change in the course of time, but we think high quality design is eternal, always "right" because it highlights a way of thinking, a rigorous planning, which answers to human necessities, realised with noble materials and perfectly shaped.

Art For us, art is looking for perfection in nature. With a human touch. Art is where nature and technique are perfectly intertwined. And where beauty marries the intelligence of doing.
What does art mean? "Art" is derived from the Latin term "ars", which unfortunately does not mean "art". "Ars" means instead, with some approximation, the Greek term "téchne", which is something more complex than the term "art". From the word "téchne" come the terms "technique" and "technology". So what is the original connection among art, beauty and technique? Art itself asks this question since the origin of Time… an eternal challenge, a still open question… for every creator of beauty.

Beauty Like Venus arising from the bubbling foam of the sea. When art becomes nature and nature becomes art, here beauty pours out for its own necessity. Beauty, for us, is the attention to detail. It is that simplicity that only nature, in its perfection, can express. Our passion for an object, a space, a room, which is perfectly realised: this is all that really matters. Good design born from the Italian artisan knowledge has a unique soul. And we are proud to show our talent.

Culture A culture of beauty tells stories about passion, about care, about attention. Architecture, art, poetry, music. Everything feeds us and our projects. Where cross pollination happens, there’s potent sap giving life to fertile ideas. The ability to process materials, like wood and metal, is always the result of great attention, of a "making culture" which is experience, dedication, handed down through history.

LuxuryThe essential, quiet elegance: refinement without ostentation. Luxury is custom-made carefully packed clothing. It is there, where the quality of finishing, the quality of materials, the quality of details speak about "tailor-made". This is why the culture of beauty is also the culture of the tailor-made. An essential value. A special care that makes each project a unique and distinctive one.