ALEX chaise, made of colors and recycled plastic

Alessandro Mendini and Ecopixel collaboration resulted in a design that resembled a work of pointillism.


img.0 ALEX chaise longue. All images © Max&Douglas.

The collaboration between Ecopixel and Atelier Mendini has led to a remarkable plastic recycling industry innovation where ‘pixelated colors and recycled plastics’ go hand in hand. Thanks to Alessandro Mendini’s visionary persistence, an impressive 24x24mm ‘pixel’ has been developed using shredded plastic waste as a base material for a chaise longue called ALEX.
img.1 ALEX chaise longue in blue.

Alessandro Mendini’s extraordinary design pushed the development of the pressurized Ecopixel technique further ahead, mixing the intriguing mélange of 8 carefully selected colors randomly into the magnificent Mendini-mix, resulting in a unique appearance each time. ‘The remarkable qualities of Ecopixel has been an opportunity for powerful expression through texture and color and has given rise to an exciting new multi-colored pixel-based approach’, says Alessandro Mendini. ‘Ecopixel transforms polyethylene waste into a work of pointillism’.
img.2 Architect Alessandro Mendini at his studio in Milan.

Powerful geometric forms are derived from a combination of polygonal plane surfaces with dynamic linear edges. The Ecopixel’s innovative ‘pressurized rotational production method’ enables a crisp, folded form with sharply defined origami lines, resulting in a contemporary appearance that is radically different to traditionally rounded surfaces that are a byproduct of other production techniques. The Ecopixel technique randomly combines colored pixels in the magnificent Mendini-mix, creating a distinctive result every time.
img.3 Ecopixel can be melted into different shapes and colors.

Each chaise longue is individually numbered with a special marker plate and comes with a certificate and numbered copy of the original ©2017 drawing. ‘ALEX’ is 100% recyclable and made of up to 55% recycled materials. Ecopixel aims to use materials that will continue to be part of the recycling loop. Withstanding temperatures from -10°C up to +50°C means Ecopixel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This material is incredibly durable, yet soft to the touch and wonderfully tactile.
img.4 ALEX chaise longue is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Ecopixel claims that this new method for recycling plastics is composed of 100% low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and melts at 120°C, which means it can be re-melted an infinite number of times without altering its properties. Its low melting temperature means its ecological impact is also greatly reduced during the production phase. The material can be melted into different shapes and colors, without homogenizing color pigments from its ‘raw’ waste material, resulting in a distinctive pixelated appearance.
img.5 ALEX Chaise longue by the pool in Santa Marta, Colombia.
img.6 Chaise longue ALEX in blue.
img.7 Alessandro Mendini creates the intriguing mélange of 8 carefully selected color.


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