Northern Lighting announces the launch of Northern

Northern is a new furniture and interior accessories brand which takes the contemporary Nordic spirit in the living room.


img.0 All photos by Northern.
img.1 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

“The debut collection addresses the demand for understated luxury and the need for multifunctional designs.” Explained artistic directors Morten Skjærpe Knarrum and Jonas Norheim – co-founder of Morten & Jonas – who worked with 16 designers from 7 different countries.
img.2 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

With a name like LOUD, you’d expect this gleaming cabinet designed by Swedish-French duo Färg & Blanche to scream for attention, but it barely even whispers. LOUD is an elegant bystander waiting to be noticed at cocktail time. The doors and side surfaces are enhanced by a seamless layer of polished laminate that creates a dazzling mirror effect.
img.3 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

When winter ice forms on Norwegian lakes, fishermen drill round holes in the surface and drop their fishing lines through. They clip a ‘pilk’ onto the fishing line, a lure designed especially for ice fishing. PILK ice cubes are created in the same spirit, complete with perfect round holes for dropping straws through. Design by Rudi Wulff.
img.4 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

Morten & Jonas designed the STILK table series for lounge-like spaces and laid-back interiors to “accentuate the furniture around them like accessories enhancing an outfit.”
img.5 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

The relaxing contours of the OBLONG lounge chair provide the supersize comfort of a recliner while being lighter and more comfortable than an overstuffed seat. Chinese designer Mario Tsai crafted OBLONG from two padded discs attached to a minimalistic frame that allows light to pass through.
img.6 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

Inspired by traditional Ottoman stools, YAM lounge chair, an ottoman and a pouf by Swedish designer Mattias Stenberg is made with soft contours that enhance comfort and add support to the overall structure. The seats are bordered by a single, unbroken seam that forms a soft edge around the sides.
img.7 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

Characterised by clean lines, balanced proportions, tailored details and a building-block construction, DAYBE sofa allows you to sit back and relax all day, then snooze in comfort at night. The backrest detaches and slides onto the floor to create a comfortable bed. Design by Morten & Jonas.
img.8 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

The FOLD pendant light by Scottish designer Kyla McCallum debuts following several years of research and experimentation at her Foldability studio in London. The designer developed a shade structured by repeating folds that brings Japanese origami to mind, making it a unique hybrid of hand-craftsmanship and fibre innovation.
img.9 All photos: courtesy of Northern.

“Just as a shelter in a storm creates a safe haven, this combination desk and console provides a stronghold for essentials and artefacts”. Spanish design duo Yonoh designed SHELTER, a tabletop crafted from smoked oak and perforated steel forming a lightweight screen that wraps around the front and sides.
img.10 All photos: courtesy of Northern.


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