Buzzi & Buzzi lights up Queen’s Gate Place in London

The requalification through light of the prestigious historic building carried out by leading lighting company from Italy

London, England


img.0Queen’s Gate Place, London

An illuminating engineering project with a clear objective: the requalification through light of the Queen’s Gate Place, a prestigious historic building in an elegant residential district in the city of London.

img.1Queen’s Gate Place, London

Within a complex renovation project, which led to the restoration of the whole building during the years 2013 - 2014, Buzzi & Buzzi — a leading lighting company from Lombardy, Italy — studied an accurate illumination engineering plan to enhance the original architectural details of the structure.

img.2Queen’s Gate Place, London

Highlighting without denaturing, renovating while preserving the beauty of the building and its features: an incredibly contemporary project, fully respecting precious original details — emphasized by a thorough work of composition and detail —  and the typical architectural style of the district the palace is located in.

img.3Queen’s Gate Place, London

In order to give a new life to particulars and finishings on the façade, enhancing its antique beauty, Buzzi & Buzzi opted for Minivirtus, an exterior wall unit that was able to embellish with elegance and discretion those architectural details that came to light during the renovation. Minivirtus is made of DurCoral®, a new material that can be treated with paint, aesthetically similar to white cement but technologically fit for the production of outdoor lighting devices. DurCoral® is an aggregate with very high performances in terms of quality, capacity, strenght and finishings; It is characterized by its resistance to scratching, ultra-violet rays, pollution and atmospheric agents.

img.4Queen’s Gate Place, London

As for the interiors, Buzzi & Buzzi decided for an ambient light, delicate and soffused, able to convey emotions and to create unique atmospheres while guaranteeing a correct lighting for the rooms.

img.5Queen’s Gate Place, London

Inside living rooms, studies, the cinema, kitchens and bedrooms, Nefi and Jacobox — technical recessed ceiling luminaires, with a linear and clean design — perfectly integrated inside any surface thanks to the material they are made of, achieving an extraordinary result of total disappearance. Light becomes the absolute protagonist of spaces, playing with furniture, creating shadows and plasticity able to give objects a new meaning.

img.6Queen’s Gate Place, London

For bathrooms and the SPA, Buzzi & Buzzi selected Idrout: a totally disappearing recessed luminaire, able to give the right lighting while resisting to the humidity of these spaces. Idrout is made of Coral Water Out®, a material resistant to water penetration. The water-repellent effect remains unchanged over time as it is not a matter of a superficial finish but rather a structural feature of the material itself. With no need for maintenance, Coral Water Out® adds impermeability to the qualities of durability, toughness and aesthetic appeal typical of Coral®.

img.7Queen’s Gate Place, London

Discreet and minimal, this product improves the atmosphere through light, making it intimate and relaxing, and giving incredible feelings of well-being.

img.8Queen’s Gate Place, London

Lastly, for the main staircase, thanks to Invisiled — a totally disappearing recessed luminaire — Buzzi & Buzzi created a fascinating path of light, a real luminous guide, able to reinvent architecture, adding quality to the space.

img.9Queen’s Gate Place, London

img.10Queen’s Gate Place, London

img.11Queen’s Gate Place, London


Buzzi & Buzzi

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