Maison Objet 2017: Shht!!! SILENCE exhibition

Paris invites to design world to hush and reflect about the intimate power of SILENCE

Paris, France


img.0Maison Objet 2017: SILENCE exhibtion – Photo by @angmare

Maison Objet 2017 – Shht!!!

Captained by Elisabeth Leriche, the international fair’s trend watchers predicted an year of humble contemplation with an exhibition showcasing furniture pieces that convey a sense of serenity and fight back the hyperactive and loud times we live in.

The SILENCE exhibition at Maison Objet explores inspiring contemplative designs. Home is a place where calm is restored and a growing desire for serenity can be expressed. Beauty is unburdened from the artifice of pointless ornamentation and devotes itself to a quest for the essential.

In the first rooms visitors are overwhelmed by a crash of sounds and images. They are then expelled to a succession of spaces featuring bespoke silence-related designs where they can daydream, engage in introspection and discover the valuable absence of noise.

On show the Deep sea storage design by Nendo for Glass Italia and the marble meditation stool by Micheal Anastassiades. The Nascondino booth by Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte invites users to sit enveloped by a felt blanket. Alain Gilles’ design pieces for Buzzispace allow to find some privacy inside one’s own home or around others.

img.1Nascondino, by Pierre Emmanuel Vandeputte © Miko Miko studio.

Around the central space, eight recesses, each housing a piece, give visitors the chance to become intimate with the objects on display. The artist Matteo Gonet is a magician: he found a way to trap clouds. A traditional Korean moon jar, designed for the sole pleasure of contemplation, brushes with perfection.

Another recess shows wooden utensils used for the traditional tea-making ceremony in Japan. In yet another, a blurred halo evokes the idea of disappearance, snow and ice. The sensations brought on by silence are strong and deep; they find their roots in our innermost selves. They are quite simply put the gateway to serenity and happiness.

The itinerary ends with the bookshop – the perfect example of a silent place –, filled with white books, each with a white object between its pages, all hand-made by master ceramicists.

img.2Maison Objet: Bookshop SILENCE exhibtion – Photo by @phane_75.

img.3Maison Objet: SILENCE exhibtion – Photo by @angmare. 


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